Workshops: Learn, Connect & Enjoy

A year ago, Tim and I decided to invest a bit of money in order to attend The Roadtrip, a photography seminar led by Carmen & Ingo and Nadia Meli. From the several locations and guest speakers available, we chose to attend the one taking place in Zürich with Julia and Gil. This decision helped us dive deeper into the wedding industry here in Europe and gave us the opportunity to connect with so many brilliant photographers. This is also where we met Suk-Jae & Jae-In from WeddingPilots.

This past weekend, I had the priviledge of attending their workshop on wedding videography and just loved it! Workshops are such a great way to expand your knowledge and expand your horizons regarding how to work smarter and create even more beautiful images. One thing I believe it shouldn’t do is make you feel that you need to change your style and lead you to emulate the work of others, because you think that that way you will become more successful. It is so important to stay true to yourself and your vision.

I LOVE people! So the most fun for me is to connect with fellow creative entrepreneurs. I love to hear about what led them to pursue a creative path and to see their body of work. It’s inspiring! It is about a spirit of “community over competition”. Like Ben Sasso always says: “We are all in this together!” There is no need to feel threatened by one another – trust me, there is enough work to around…and plus, isn’t it lonely way at the top? I am pretty happy mingling here where the down-to-earth people are hanging out;)

I am extending an invitation to you to join in the fun! Regardless of where you are, you have the opportunity to connect with fellow creatives. And don’t hesitate to invest in improving your skills instead of staying stagnant…unlike school for some people, learning is fun when you are doing what you love <3

Have you ever participated in a workshop? Or even held a workshop? I would love to hear your thoughts…

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Sounds like an awesome seminar/weekend. I love connecting with other creatives, it’s so fulfilling!


Same here. Makes this whole adventure much more interesting!

I am in love with her short hair. It’s a super cute style.


She is pulling it off beautifully.

Its so cool to see the behind the scenes. This looks like such a lovely workshop!


They were well prepared and it was a nice group.

Looks like a fun workshop! Glad you had a great experience.


Thanks! I definitely would recommend attending a workshop at least once a year!

I love taking time out to learn and attend workshops its so rewarding!


It is totally worth it, Amy!


What a fun workshop! It’s so important to keep up the skills!


I absolutely agree!

Stephanie Sugaski

These are beautiful!! Love her hair and his suit!


They are stylish.

Jessica V

I LOVE workshops and creative collaborations!


Same here!

Alyssa Carole Bouma

it looks like this was an amazing experience! im dying to do a workshop like this.


Go for it!


I want to go! If I had the money, I would go to a workshop every month


hiihii I feel you…

Oh my goodness but they are an adorable couple. I absolutely love their style! Great that you had a wonderfully fulfilling creative time, too.


Thanks a lot, Mercedes!

Glad you had a great time, such cuties!!


Thanks, Valerie!

Yes, I agree workshops are a necessity, they help breathe new life and give you fresh ideas!


Exactly. It is nice to get a fresh perspective!

That looks like such an amazing workshop! I would love to attend one of those! looks like you really learnt and connected.


I did! When you get a chance, go for it.

Jenny Roth

“I LOVE people! So the most fun for me is to connect with fellow creative entrepreneurs. ” YES! This is an enormous part of how I conduct my business. We are in different industries but that love of connection and continued learning is universal. I, too, love people. I find workshops to be an excellent place to learn, re-connect with people and fire up more passion for what I do!


So cool that you can relate <3

Emily Moore

The right workshop can do amazing things for your business! It sounds like this one was a great success!


That is so true…it needs to be the right workshop!


This workshop looks like it’s fun and helps you get out of your comfort zone! I love attending workshops and learning new things everyday!


Absolutely! We never stop learning!

Sharee Davenport

connecting with fellow creative entrepreneur is always the best. I love your post about this workshop!


Thanks a lot, Sharee. And you are also amazing at connecting people!

Nicole Pettit

This is so true, workshops help get your creativity back, among letting you learn new things! These images are beautiful!


Yes, it does wonders for fresh inspiration and creativity!

This reminds me that I need to take a seminar soon on simple pictures!


YEA! Go for it!

Brittany Slaugter

Workshops are always such a great time and so perfect for bringing creatives together!


It is really nice to collaborate with fellow creatives!

super schön gemacht!


Vielen Dank Georgij!