Why I love December

Yes, it is freeeezing outside and it takes a lot of energy to get myself out of my comfy clothes to leave my flat and go outside. But despite the ugly weather (except the beauty of fresh snow), December really is one of my favourite months.

As the year comes to a close, I really enjoy taking time to reflect on the past few months. Not just the highlights, but the sweet little moments that happen in everyday life. And of course, looking at what I can do better! Although I believe that we should not obsess over our weaknesses, it is important that we work on them when it is a necessary skill to bring us forward.

I personally have been struggling with accomplishing different little projects in an efficient manner. And I certainly am not one to shy away from asking for help – that is why I reached out to Jenna Kutcher on her podcast…as awesome as she is, she took the time to answer my question:

Hey Jenna, I would love to know how you handle all the projects that you have going on withouth being overwhelmed. I know that you have a team working for you, but you also need to keep track of what they are doing. I just want to learn how I can juggle different projects in the most efficient way. Thank you for all your amazing content.

(You can forward to 37 minutes to hear her answer…but do yourself a favour and listen to the whole thing – it will be definitely worth your time.)

Her next post was just as helpful – 5 Ways to Increase Productivity“:
1. Schedule must-do tasks when you are most productive.
2. Multitasking isn’t a real thing.
3. Set a timer.
4. Take breaks often.
5. Limit your screen time before bed.

These tips are GOLD. Hope that you can implement them as well!
Let me know what you are working on to improve into the new year!

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So thankful you tuned into the show, being a Goal Digger, and THANK YOU for your question, cheering you on Aida girl, xoxox!


Thank you so much, Jenna! Consider me a true goal digger – LOVE your podcast! <3


Jenna is a beautiful soul!! These are amazing tips!


She truly is! Always so helpful…


Awesome tips! Jenna is awesome and this is the exact motivation I needed on this chilly Monday afternoon. Thanks for sharing.


I am glad that you found it helpful as well.

December is definitely a month of reflection both personally, as well as professionally…a time to process how your year ended and what you want to achieve in the coming year. I read somewhere instead of setting goals, set projects. When working on projects, start in small portions, versus the whole package, to avoid feeling overwhelmed and more accomplished.


Yes, taking on projects needs a good strategy…couldn’t agree more! No need to get overwhelmed…or else it is best to reevaluate it.


I LOVE THIS! GOAL digger is now my new motto! Love all the girl bosses out there and can’t wait to see whats next


I feel you, Georgia. Somehow I feel like you would like the show “Girl Boss” on Netflix…check it out.

Wonderful tips, really. I think #1 is absolutely brilliant and you’d think I would have heard it before but haven’t. I have to start implementing that!


Oh yes! #1 is a game-changer!!


First off, love the narrative feel of this post. December is my favorite too! I’m so glad you shared those tips- I needed them!


Thanks for the compliment, Hilary. I pretty much write the way that I talk…try to keep things simple and straight-forward.

Thanks for posting the time point where we can hear the answer. That is always helpful! I will go back and listen to the rest. I love December too! My journal is super full looking back on what a crazy year it’s been.


I recommend that you do…there is so much amazing content on the podcast!


yes I do the same in December! it’s such a motivating month to reflect + set up goals for next year!!




Honestly December stresses me out because I feel like I need to get everything done before the new year. Love all the tips though and I will definitely implement them!


I feel you…hope that the productivity tips help you!

Emily Moore

I can relate to everything in this article so much (it’s crazy). I sometimes struggle with productivity, but I think you got some really great advice — I just love Jenna Kutcher! Her podcast is awesome. Thanks for sharing!


Yes, I think that many of us struggle with this…that is why I thought it would be helpful to share this information further…


These are all great tips! It’s so hard to be efficient when you have so many balls in the air. I definitely feel a sense of overwhelm, especially during the holiday season.


Totally…I guess it is also important to sit down and decided which balls to juggle.


I wish it snowed here! I’m so jealous of the gorgeous pure white of snow


Yes, fresh snow is a beauty.


That is so sweet of her to reply, I’m sure she has tons of mail ! I love December as well.


Jenna is a sweetheart.

Heather Scott

This is so well written! Love your productivity tips and love for winter! Beautiful photos too!