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Valerie Fernandez: Cultivating Artistic Expression


Based in Vanuatu, Valerie was born to a Vietnamese mother and a French father. After spending a decade living in France, she has now settled back in this gorgeous island in the South Pacific Ocean. She is a mom to her three year old daughter, Moïra, and wife to Oli.

She works closely with her couples to create absolute magic – she describes the drive behind the images that she creates in four words: intimacy, connection, passion and vulnerability.


Valerie specializes in underwater photography. The water is a key element in her art. In our time together on the podcast, she talks about how she has recently found her way back to the ocean. We discuss how loss and pain play an integral part in her story and work.

This episode is for you if you are a photographer on a journey to find your authentic artistic voice.

One of my favorite quotes from Valerie during our conversation is when she said:

“And so, I started just going deeper and deeper and deeper into this underwater photography and what it means to me, not just in terms of creating something new and something artistic but I just realised the main thing was that I was feeling absolute joy.

I was just freeing myself as well. And allowing myself to still admire all of this beauty that you see on Instagram. But also thinking, that is fantastic. But this is not the way that I can go. But I can go down this way, and this way is also fantastic.

And the joy that you feel from creating something that is coming 100% from you, it’s free of influence, it’s free of trends, it’s free of whatever pressure we put on ourselves, because it is all coming from us. Nobody is telling you you got to be like this person, or this person, or this person. This is entirely us.”

– Valerie Fernandez

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