What are the upsides of having a winter wedding?

You have that engagement ring on and the next question is: what is the wedding date?

It is true, the majority of the weddings that I photograph take place in the summer, with a few spread out pretty much evenly between spring and autumn. But a winter wedding, that is a rarity – which is a shame actually, because winter weddings do have a lot going for them.

Here are five advantages of saying your “I dos” in the snow:

1. Romance is in the air. Winter may be cold, but it is also a perfect opportunity to get cozy with your loved one. Beautiful lights decorate the streets, and the tree branches are dusted with frost. This just sets up the scene for such sweet wedding photos.
2. You have the opportunity to decorate your wedding in such a unique manner. There truly is so much room for creativity – how refreshing. And imagine how much more memorable it will be for your guests who are otherwise accustomed to attending a wedding in another season.
3. Most vendors are available during the winter and so you can pick the cream of the crop.
4. Venues tend to be cheaper! Way to save those hard earned dollars (euros, rupees…Bitcoins)!
5. While most summer brides fret over whether or not it will rain on their wedding day, given that you plan the celebration in the mountains, you are garunteed snow! That way you can plan accordingly – I say that is a huge plus!

Having read this post, can you imagine having a winter wedding? If you have ever attended a wedding in the winter, what did you love the most?

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Taylor Fisher

I’m a SUCKER for winter weddings! You’re absolutely right, the romance is kicked up a notch from any other season, and the backdrop is simply perfect. Shooting in the snow is my favorite, especially with a bride and groom!


I love shooting in the snow as well (apart from my freezing fingers! I bought really great gloves last year.)

that sounds amazing… we don’t get very consistent snow here in PA, but I imagine how perfect it could be up in the mountains where the snow is guaranteed.


I love weddings in the mountains! My own wedding was in the Austrian Alps <3

Winter weddings are so beautiful and highly underrated! They are such a great opportunity to snuggle up tight and be surrounded by a snowy wonderland!


I couldn’t agree more, Lisa.

These are all very good points and good advice. I’ve seen people spend such a premium on weddings in fall colors but my favorite has always been winter white.


Winter weddings aren’t for everyone (which I understand) – I just wanted to show more people that it is a good option.

So many great things about having a winter wedding! Also the venues are more accomodating! I am all for winter!


Glad you agree!

I really hate being cold, but I love winter weddings! I think they are so beautiful! I think I’d be willing to do one in the very early winter.


I can understand that…depending on where you are located, it can be very cold deep into the winter!


What great reasons! I always assumed I wanted a summer wedding. If you’ve ever seen the musical “seven brides for seven brothers” they have a song that says if you marry in June, you’re a bride all your life. But after these points, I’m thinking winter might be better!


I unfortunately, do not know that musical…interesting. Winter is just an option to consider…of course summer weddings have a lot going for them as well.

OOOH! I love winter weddings. I did a New Years eve wedding last year, and it was a blast! You don’t even need that many decorations because all the Christmas stuff is still up! And who doesn’t love a bride in a beautiful wrap! I have a winter wedding this year in December in Central Park and I can’t wait!


How true – all those lovely Christmas decorations <3


winter weddings are some of my very favorite of all! New Years Eve weddings are my most favorite!


Yes, New Years Eve is special!


A snowy winter wedding is so romantic! And I hadn’t thought about the added benefit of being able to work with desireable vendors during the downtime — good point!


It is very romantic <3

Emily Moore

These are all excellent points!! I would have loved to have a snowy winter wedding — snow just makes everything so magical! It’s the perfect addition to a wedding! Thanks for sharing this!!


Yes to beautiful snow!

Sunshine Lump

I love winter weddings!!


So glad to hear it!

Lacey fincher

Oh a winter wedding sounds magical, especially if it was in the mountains! And add in that you don’t have to fight for your dream vendors. Such great points!

I had a summer wedding but I have to say, I’ve seen so many beautiful winter wedding photos coming up on my social media lately that I’ve been wishing I had considered getting married in the winter. We would definitely get rain here, but rainy wedding photos can be so romantic, you just have to be prepared! The points you list out here are all excellent. I especially love the point about room for creativity… it’s so true!


Thanks, Nicola! I photo shoot in the rain is a dream of mine.

I have never attended a winter wedding in my life. And reading this now – I really wish I have. At one point, prior to our wedding – I was contemplating a winter wedding and I imagined faux fur hand warmers and beautiful winter coats, lovely lighting, and gorgeous music. And I envision such BEAUTIFUL photography. Sigh.


Deb, I really hope that you get to attend a winter wedding one day.

Totally agree! Venue and everything will be super cheap and I love pictures in snow. They always come out stunning


Right? Snow is at time underrated.

Awesome blog! I hope I get a chance in my life to photograph a winter wedding… but with being in Florida – not likely! </3


But I can only imagine the variety in weddings in Florida – surely on my list of locations.