The Rural Workshop

I was looking forward to The Rural Workshop for a few months – I was actually very lucky to be able to attend, because when I saw it being advertised I was on a road trip in Denmark and by the time I was home and ready to purchase a ticket, it was sold out. Let me tell you, I was not ready to give up! I wrote the organizer, Roberto Ramos, asking if there was any chance to get a ticket. He informed me that it was booked out, but if an opportunity arises, he will be in touch – well, he clearly is a man of his word.
(To watch my Youtube video of me talking about why I love attending workshops, click here.)

I can only say that my expectations of the workshop were not only met, but exceeded. I had the most amazing time chatting with not only a lot of the speakers, but fellow photographers from all over Europe and Brazil. What really impressed me is that there were no egos involved, just people who love what they do and are ready to share their knowledge. Honestly, having a “K” behind your Instagram follower number does not matter.

I was able to attend sessions led by:

  1. Chris & Ruth
  2. Riccardo Fasoli from Kreativ Wedding
  3. Petar Jurica
  4. Bee & Rog Walker from Paper Monday 

as well as general talks by:

  1. Fer Juaristi
  2. Rafal Bojar
  3. Ross Tanner from Flothemes

In the upcoming weeks, I will share my main take aways from each session on this blog, so stay tuned.
(I have already uploaded some photos from the photo shoot that we did with Chris & Ruth – you can view them here.)

I am also very excited that I got to conduct my first interview with Björn from Hafenliebe! He is such a cool guy and very open. He talked to me about finding a niche in the wedding photography industry and how to create an all around matching branding concept – trust me, there is so much golden information that you can use in your business! Coming soon…

Here are just a few snapshots from the workshop. Enjoy!
And an extra shout out to the two ladies that I shared a cabin with, Sara & Martina. You two made my experience at The Rural that much more special! <3


The Rural Workshop
The Vagabond Van

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Joshua Jones

These workshops sound amazing! Love these photos. It is so different and unique.


It was such a special experience…there were a total of about 300 people there.

This seems like such an interesting experience! I’ve never been to a workshop before, but I’d like to go next year. I love the images I see coming out of them and the opportunity to learn from other amazing photographers!


Hey Kara, it is totally worth the investment!

This looks like such a fun time! Workshops are the best!


Yes, I am a big fan of workshops!


Oh my, love your style! Glad you got a ticket. Can’t wait to hear what you learned!


Thanks, Amanda. I was really excited that I got to go!

I’m excited to hear about the points and takeaways you had from the experience. I want to attend one of these so bad! I bet they’re so much fun and it sounds like you learned a lot!


Hey Hilary, there was a lot of information. I am looking forward to sitting down and processing it all. If you ever get a chance, you should definitely join a similar workshop!

I have never been to a photo workshop before. I always wanted to but usually workshops are far from home.


I actually enjoy attending workshops that are a bit further away…it adds to the excitement and experience.

Melissa Hirsch

Love your photos! That’s so cool you were able to get in after all. I wanna attend more workshops now haha


If you get the chance to attend a workshop that will help you in your business, do not hesitate to make the investment.

Lynn Marie

This looks like a super fun workshop! I’ve never attended one but I totally want to. Love these photos too!


Thanks, Lynn. I really loved it!


This looks like such a fun workshop! You captured so many great images!


I wish I had taken even more pictures. But I am glad that I focused on talking to people more.