The Heart Behind the Workshop in Corsica, France

Last week, Tim and I announced that we are planning a workshop for photographers in Corsica, France. We are both sooo excited! I completely fell in love with the island when we went there for two weeks four years ago. We packed our car to the rim, which during those days was a small Citroën, and drove through Switzerland, made a pit-stop at the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy and hoped on the ferry in Livorno to the French island.

The first thing you notice as you step out on the island is that fresh smell of herbs as if the place has been trenched in tea bags. We spent the next couple of weeks driving from one corner of the island to the next, pitching our tent either directly at the beach, next to the river bank or in the middle of the forest. Tim’s family had a vacation home there and so he grew up travelling there every year, spending weeks at time – therefore, he has an intimate connection to the island, and it was like I was visiting his second home.

This year, we took our little baby boy along with us! It was a reminder of how much we missed Corsica and how fantastic it would be to offer a workshop there. Tim had recently attended a workshop in Iceland led by Sascha Kraemer and Marko Marinkovic and was blown away by the experience…and the images that he was able to produce in such an exotic location were amazing. Since then, I have signed up to attend The Rural Workshop in Barcelona this coming March. We just love having the opportunity to connect with other photographers, to learn and to expand our portfolio.

That is exactly what we want to offer other photographers through our workshop in Corsica. It is specifically tailored to photographers who want get started in marketing towards and booking destination weddings. We are aiming to create an atmosphere of fun, knowledge-sharing and networking. Moreover, we are embarking upon this journey with a fellow photographer, Oleg Trushkov, who will bring in a lot of value to the group by sharing his own experiences and unique perspective. The details are slowly coming into place, but we could not wait to share our plans with you for 2018!

If you are a photographer, please let me know in the comments, what you would love such a workshop to include in order to make the investment more than just worthwhile. I am so looking forward to reading your thoughts!

More details about the workshop: Wedding Photography Workshop in Corsica
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Omg this is actually amazing!! I love that you are going to France and I can’t wait! I’m counting down the days until I see all your photos!


Thanks, Georgia! That is so nice of you!

Elizabeth Weitz

Wow! I am so intrigued by this! What a gorgeous spot for a workshop! And congrats on your new adventure!


Thanks! We are very excited!


awww how did your little boy handle the trip. How incredible that you could all experience the trip together!!


He was a trooper! He loves car rides.


Oh my word! This workshop sounds like a dream! As a states photographer just the travel alone would be a huge selling point! Adding a way to best market for destination weddings would be a nice touch to grab attention!


Thanks for the tip! Appreciate it!

What an incredible location for a workshop!! I have always wanted to visit Corsica! I hope everything goes to plan with your workshop! I can’t wait to hear more!


We will be posting updates as we progress along! Thanks, Fran.

im not a photographer but I wanna go! haha I studied in Paris for almost a year in college and fell in love! This workshop sounds amazing!


France does have so much to offer! Corsica is a special place.

I wish I could attend this workshop! I am hoping to slowly venture into destination weddings myself and marketing is a key here! After all, what could be better than combining two passions in one? Doing the work that you love – what a dream!


Yes, exactly! We are doing our best to make the workshop so valuable to the participants!

I may have to join you! I just found tickets for 10 pounds head that way! As far as things I want to learn about would be who to direct your marketing towards. Destination weddings can be anywhere, it’s such a huge pool of people, where does one begin?


That is true, Natalie…it is important to narrow it down. For example, where are the places that you want to travel to and what kind of couple do you want to photograph. Reach out if you want more info.

This workshop in Corsica sounds amazing!! I would LOVE to attend someday! And how fun to keep getting to visit and to bring your little one along!


And hopefully you will be able to attend one day…we don’t intend to do it only once;) But maybe even in a different location…who knows?

Sarah Holladay

A workshop in Corsica, France sounds absolutely dreamy! As a wedding photographer myself, I’ve been considering ways to get out internationally and focus on marketing to the destination wedding market. I would want a big mix of portfolio opportunities (wedding/bridal/couple/detail specific for me) as well as education and tips behind breaking into the destination and international markets. Sounds like it’s going to be an amazing event!!


That is what we are going for. Thanks for sharing your perspective, Sarah!


Wedding workshop in Corsica? Where do we sign up? Aside from the phenomenal shooting opportunities what I’d look for in a destination wedding workshop trip is small numbers and what REALLY works(marketing wise) in helping you to reach your ideal client. One thing that always makes me apprehensive about these types of trips is being bundled with a bunch of photographers who aren’t on the same page as me, so for me, how YOU’D market your workshop would be instrumental in how I’d gauge my interaction with the other photogs in the group- if that makes sense.


What an awesome adventure! I have heard the best things about France and it seems like the perfect place to hold a workshop. This is such a great way to help other photographers network and learn internationally. Good luck on the journey and I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

Lynn Marie

Oh my goodness! This sounds amazing! I’m a wedding photographer & traveling to a gorgeous location AND taking photos would be so awesome! Your trip sounded lovely!

Melissa Johnson

Ok I’m definitely heading to check out more details on your workshop! This workshop sounds INCREDIBLE!!!

Emily Moore

This is incredible! I can’t believe you’re hosting a workshop in France — that sounds like it is going to be amazing! I can’t wait to see the images you capture from it <3 I think it's really great you're keeping the workshop small and splitting it up into groups of 2. In the past, I've had to fight other photographers to get the shot I wanted, and it can be really frustrating! I think that's a great way to do it.

The idea behind the workshop is amazing, and it can surely be a great learning opportunity for photographers! And even though I am not a photographer I would still like to attend hehe.