Role Reversal – I Am In Front of the Lens

When we were in Denmark last week, we decided to do a shoot at the sand dunes near Skagen.
It was a lot of fun to experiment a bit and test how it feels to be infront of the lens for a portrait shoot. As you can tell, it was VERY windy, but I feel like it adds to the mood of the shoot.
Photography by my sweet husband, Tim Glowik.
Photos edited by me.

Would love to hear from you…feel free to drop a comment below!
If you are a photographer, share a link to your favourite work or a recent shoot that you did just for fun!

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You are gorgeous!! This is such a fun shoot and I especially love that last image!! I’ve always wanted to do a shoot on the sand dunes.


Thank you so much! It was on my list to do a shoot on the sand dunes for a while now.

Your work is so aesthetically pleasing! And, super cool that you were in Denmark. We are not a photographer but fine art photography is a part of our core values and brand. We had video made — but Kelli Boyd Photography shot photos of the flowers — the images were included in the actual video. Yes! That’s how much we love photography!! And good aesthetic. Here’s a link to the video that came out today —


Thank you so much for all the kind words…aesthetics are very important to me! I watched the video – it is really great! And I would just die to have those flowers <3

Beautiful self portraits, I love the wind in your hair!


Thanks, Ashley! We made the best of the strong wind situation.

The wind adds such movement to the photos!


Yea, I feel like it adds to the mood.

I am obsessed with these portraits in Denmark!! This location is beautiful and you look absolutely gorgeous!!!


Oh thanks, Nichole! Denmark had some awesome locations!


These are so perfect!! It’s always odd being in front of the camera isn’t it?? You’re just beautiful!


It was a bit odd…but good to relate to the people I take pictures of.

What amazing photos. You are an extremely talented photographer. I love your work.


Thank you so much! I try to keep improving my skills!

Girl, you need to spend more time in front of the camera – you are stunning! I love the wind in your hair and how your spirit was totally captured in these photos!


Thank you so much, Sharee! It was a lot of fun.

Alice L

Beautiful images of you. I love how you two collaborated on the images. Your husband took them and you edited them.


It is a blast to work with him.

These are absolutely gorgeous. It is so hard sometimes to be the one in front of the camera (especially when you are used to directing) so I love that you experienced it. Also, I adore your dress and the wind!!!


The dress is photogenic.


I was about to compliment you on the beautiful photos. Instead, YOU look absolutely beautiful and natural in front of a camera.


Thanks, Janey. I just tried not to be too self-conscious.

The shot with the hands on the sand– Swoon*


Glad you like it…I was just trying stuff out.


wow! Wind can be difficult, you made it magic! Love the variety and emotion. Fantastic!


I appreciate it, Jamie.

i love these photos of you! they are so beautiful! and I love that your hubby took them and you were able to do this togehter!


We just had fun with it.


these are really great self portraits, and very creative too!


Thanks, Sarah. My husband took the pics…it was a fun collaboration.


Being in front of the camera can be scary but you rocked it.


Thanks a lot…it gets easier with time.

Emily Moore

I am loving this shoot! I am not very good in front of the lens (I’m so used to being behind it!), but you are killing it in these!! Beautiful!


I think you should give it a shot.

Melissa Johnson

What beautiful photos of you! I think it’s so helpful to get out in front of the camera every once in a while and remember how our clients feel!


I absolutely agree!

These are beautiful! Love the windy portraits! And the location you chose is gorgeous!


Thanks! I love unique locations for photo shoots.


It’s so hard to be in front of the camera! These are beautiful and a once in a life time situation.


I appreciate it, Lynsey!