The Quest for a Personal Photographic Style

The keyword for me in this title is quest. It takes time to develop and hone a unique style, but most of all it takes authenticity to make it truly personal.

I, like many photographers, in the beginning tended to take pictures and edit them like other photographers in the industry. I guess I just didn’t know better. In any case, it has been a learning process. A stepping stone of sorts until I started analyzing and refining my artistic expression.

That is not to say that I have it all figured out. On the contrary, every shoot teaches me something new about how to create beautiful images that envoke emotions. What I know without a shadow of a doubt is that I love capturing those moments when people are completely inhibited and are being their true selves. And in terms of editing, I have learned to portray the images as an honest reflection of the mood and atmosphere of the shoot. My aim is to achieve a timeless look rather than falling into the most recent trend in the industry.

As humans, we are certainly not one-dimentional, but rather full of layers and contradictions.

As much as I am on a journey to define my signature style, I surely don’t want to feel limited by it. I certainly want to be consistent in my work as a photographer in order to attract and serve the right type of clients as well as maintain an aesthtically pleasing portfolio. At the same time, I am happy to explore different avenues of photography by experimenting and pushing boundaries. I love taking on personal projects and collaborations as a way to live out my creative aspirations. After all, art is not meant to be contained and rigid, but rather provide a sense of freedom to step out and discover something new and refreshing.

Do you find yourself contemplating some of the points in this topic?
I would love to hear some of your opinions!

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Enjoy the journey, girl! Your work is beautiful so far – can’t wait to see how it evolves!


That is very sweet of you, Kendra! Thank you!

‘As humans, we are certainly not one-dimentional, but rather full of layers and contradictions.’ – I love that! And the pics you included in this post!


Thanks, Emma. I am glad that this post resonanted with you!


Wow! These are gorgeous photos and love that flowy top


I appreciate it, Alissa:)

Great post! I feel like I’m always evolving as a photographer. I’m leaning toward moody edits these days but my photos have always captured emotions and moments. It’s fun finding our own styles, isn’t it?


Evolving beats staying stagnated;) When moody edits appeal to you, I say go for it…that is how you refine your style:)


Finding a personal style can be so tough but so worth it! I love the style you are showcasing here!


It certainly requires patience and persistence:) Thank you!

Taylor Jones

This is one thing I definitely struggle with! I have a style that definitely fits my brand so to speak, but there are definitely times where I wish I could venture out of that style for creativity sake. But I have to say I’m definitely glad to have finally figured out what my style is.


So cool that you have your style on point with your brand! And you can always venture out and try out new things outside of your business…that is what I have decided to do in order to keep my creative juices flowing;)

Learning where you belong in this industry can be hard, but oh so rewarding! Keep at it and don’t conform is my motto!


Thanks! I totally agree.

I find its great to have a sense of personal style though leave room for it to evolve with your lifestyle.


Yes, I have realized that it definitely needs room to evolve! Thank you!

finding your own style can be a hard and long journey! thank you so much for sharing for your personal side! and good luck!


Yes, it is a journey. Especiall for newcomers;)


I love this post. As a photographer I am definitely always questioning myself and my style and why people book me or don’t book me. It’s a constant struggle with me. Your photos are gorgeous BTW!


Thanks, Jennifer. When you are happy with your images, the right people are booking you. I personally believe that there is no reason for you to question yourself. It is okay for some people not to book you, that means that they are looking for something different and they would not be your ideal client. Just keep on refining what you do best:) More of the right clients will come your way!

Your work is SO lovely and it’s great hearing about your journey finding your style. I’m sure as a photographer it can be difficult as you see others that are super successful in a certain style but your own creativity and longing for making something so “you” is special and I can’t wait to see what your style ends up being – it is GORGEOUS so far.


Yes, there is a feeling in the industry that in order to be successful, we need to do what the “known” photographers are doing. Regardless, I think that it is better to be true to ourselves. Thanks for your input!


finding exactly where you fit can be hard but the journey there teaches you so much about yourself!


I totally agree!

You have great style! But I agree, finding it can be really challenging!


It is a process! And it is also helpful to talk about it with others in the same boat.

I loved your photography and style! You go gal! Just a suggestion but feel free to completely ignore it! I feel that you should change your font and size as it’s too stressful for the eyes to read…maybe only I felt so!


Ana, I am always happy to get feedback. I will have a look at it again with my husband “my website guru” and see if we can improve it. Love your honesty!


I actually just changed the font, hope that it is easier to read now. Thanks again for your feedback.


Thanks for sharing! I think it’s definitely hard to go against the grain, but it’s so important to find out who you are as an artist!


Totally! Art is something so personal. There is no need to copy someone else. Thanks, Kathryn.


Yes, trying to find your style as a photographer is a long journey which isn’t easy. It’s so hard to look past industry standard to find your voice and then to find clients who also like your vision.


But how beautiful when we all manage to have our own unique voices:)


I love that you aren’t just following trends. It’s so important to be passionate about what you do. I’m loving your work!


Thank you so much! Just learning along the way…


I may be the odd one out, and I understand the need for consistency (to a degree) but I edit my sessions depending on the session. I don’t think one size fits all for my clients, while they know the big picture of what they will get, they also know it won’t be the same as the last.


Hey Rhianna, I can totally relate to what you are saying. I slightly adjust my editing so that it can reflect each individual shoot. I just am careful not to change it too much.