Hi, I am Aida! A photographer of life, love and exquisite beauty. I not only love the creative freedom that comes along with being self-employed, but also enjoy navigating the challenges of running a business. I am intrigued by personal development as it relates to creative entrepreneurship. My vision (in addition to sharing my photography work) for this blog is for it to become a platform where creatives can use it as a resource to grow personally and as a result grow their business. By no means is it meant to be a monolgue, but rather a platform for all of us to share our ideas and support one another. If you have the "community over competition" attitude, you are at the right place. Positivity and encouragement are welcome here - doors are closed to negativity and nae-sayers. Let us continue to foster an atmosphere of support, inspiration and growth. I am a believer of "staying your path" - but, having some awesome people along on the journey makes it just that much more fun. Are you with me!?


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