Petar Jurica: Unique Voice

Petar Jurica is one of the top wedding photographers that I look up to. His work is not only aesthetically beautiful, but full of emotions that tell a deeper story.

I was fortunate enough to take part in one of his sessions at The Rural Workshop in Spain a couple of weeks ago. Although he touched up on several subjects, I would like to share a few points with you that I think will resonate with creative entrepreneurs.

“Courage to be different. Courage to be yourself.” – Petar Jurica

Petar stressed that especially in a saturated market, we need to differentiate ourselves to stand out and reach our dream clients. I couldn’t agree more! Honestly, there are so many talented creatives out there, and if we do not want clients to just price shop us, but rather seek us out, because of “us” (including our vision and our aesthetic), we need to dare to be different and brand ourselves accordingly.

Ask yourself: Do I have a unique voice/style in this saturated market? What am I doing to communicate it online?

“Don’t compare yourself.” – Petar Jurica

Now this is a big one! How many of us are guilty of comparing ourselves with others in the industry? Probably all of us. Well, I believe the danger is not necessary in comparing ourselves, because it is important to know what others in the field are doing, but we should not fall into the trap of feeling bad about ourselves. I truly believe that most people at the top worked really, really hard to get there – and I applaud them. It is up to us to take our talent(s) and deploy it with an unbelievable amount of effort (talent & effort – thanks, GaryVee) to reach our goals. Everyone has a different path, and we will be the most successful when we stay in our own lane and give it our all.

Ask yourself: Am I guilty of envying successful people and not spending enough time improving my skills and moving my business forward?

“Don’t worry about the clients that you do not have, care about the ones you have.” – Petar Jurica

As much as we should pour our energy into trying to acquire new “dream” clients, we should never loose sight of the clients that we already have. These clients already said YES to us and entrusted us with serving them to the best of our abilities. As creative business owners, this should be our main priority – don’t you agree?

Ask yourself: Have I been spending most of my time into trying to reach prospective clients instead of ensuring that my current clients are getting the attention that they deserve?

Creative entrepreneurship is such an exciting journey and we are all just learning along the way. I truly hope that these blog posts are making your life even a tiny, winy bit easier. If you know anybody who can benefit from these articles, please be sure to share it with them (feel free to use the share buttons below e.g. Facebook, Email etc…).

You are welcome to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

This is not meant to be a monologue, but a dialogue.

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Sarah F

Gosh.. these words give life… like for real, such a refreshing read… my favorite “Courage to be different. Courage to be yourself.” !!!!

I didn’t take nearly enough time selecting the photographer for my wedding and I totally regret it. I didn’t realize just how different photographers are and how important their individual style is for capturing your special day.


Sarah, I am so glad to hear that!


Meghan, I am so sorry to hear that you were not happy with your wedding photographer – what a shame. Yes, I feel that many people underestimate the value of having a photographer that “matches”. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

wow. these words were super impactful for me today! he sounds like a great teacher. thanks for sharing!

So inspiring! A good workshop can really refresh your mindset on this business. I will be keeping these words in mind.

I love ALL of this! Especially the ideal client bit. As much as I want to also servee my ideal client, I also want to serve people in general who appreciate my work enough to have reached out! And honestly, are creatives being too ‘picky’ about clients? Sometimes you just have to say YES to work! I’ve written a blog post about that because clearly I feel a little passionate about it. This is an excellent post and happy I found it!

Jennifer Mills Blume

The third quote is my absolute favorite. We should definitely treasure the clients that we are working with!

Sheen Andola

Amen! It’s such a game changer when you can distinguish yourself! When I was studying photography, a teacher of mine use to say, sometimes it is better to be different that to be better.

Melissa Hirsch

Your blog always gives me something to think about. I definitely fall into the comparison trap sometimes, which is no good. Thanks for a great post!

Angela Patrick

What great advice and so great that you were able to take part in one of Petar’s workshops. Comparing ourselves is a fault we all have!


Alyssa, I am so glad that you got inspired!


Angela, if you ever get a chance to atttend one of his workshops, I highly recommend it!


Melissa, that is so good to hear that my blog posts are helping you out! That is why I do this!!! Hugs <3


Sheen, how true! It is not about being the best – it is about being different.