Nina in Hamburg

This girl is a natural in front of the camera! And Hamburg is a city that just stole my heart! This shoot gave me an opportunity to explore portrait photography a bit more. I wanted to insert an edgy mood to the look and feel and play around with the prisim. Would love to hear your thoughts!



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Love these! And oh my gosh, her hair is amazing!


Her hair is mesmerizing.


These are such beautiful portraits! And I really love the prism effect. It was perfect with that golden light.


Thank you! We got lucky with a beautiful sunset.

These pictures are so beautiful! I love the way you positioned her in the light! The prism worked perfectly too!


I am loving working with a prism. Thanks Amina!

What great photos. I love how the light hits in so many of them. Great work.


I apperciate it, Laurie. I love working with beautiful light!

Nichole Meredith

These portraits are so pretty! I especially love the black and white images- they are timeless!


I agree! Black and white pictures have a special feel.


I LOVE your use of light. Did you use prism as well?


Yes, I used a prism on some of the images!


I love the use of the prism. Great work! Keep exploring portraits I think you’re on to something.


I appreciate it, Alekandra! It was fun!


What beautiful shots! Love the light effects!


Thanks a lot, Hilary!

Beautiful portraits! Love the prism work


I appreciate it, Winnie!

Oh that light! I love your use of the prism; truly looks stunning. And like other people said…so Jealous of her hair!!

You are super talented! These photos are amazing. Especially loved the Bkw ones!


I have such hair envy!!! These are all so gorgeous!!


These are beautiful, love the dark and moody style.

She is absolutely stunning. Love the way you’ve captured here laughing. The city is just represented beautifully!

Melissa Hirsch

So natural! Love your edits, too! And her hair is beautiful.


Loving that prism work absolutely gorgeous


Love it! Your use of the prism was just right- not too much, enough to add interest! great work.


It was my first time using a prism on a shoot! Thanks, Jamie!


Stunning session! She seems to carefree and joyful… and HER HAIR! Ugh, love it so much. I bet she’s so happy with these!

Kerlyn Van Gelder

These are so incredible! I am loving all the lens flare in them, very creative!

Emily Moore

Okay, I have to say that her hair is amazing!! So long and gorgeous — she is just beautiful! Lovely work!


True…she is beautiful!


I want a session just like these! These are beautiful!


Thanks, Sarah! Let me know if you are ever in Germany!


These are so natural looking! I love the prism too


I appreciate it, Kelly!

I love your use of backlight with her beautiful hair!

The are amazing. I love the prism as well.


She is so pretty and I love the authentic joy.


Thanks a lot, April!