My Favorite Wedding Trends

New year = new trends!

Honestly, I am pretty cautious when it comes to following the latest trends, because they run the risk of becoming quickly outdated. Nevertheless, trends also represent the current Zeitgeist in culture and encapsulate a modern look at the time that they are “in”. In a sense it is a catch-22, right?

I navigate my way through trends by selecting elements that represent my taste and style. I want to ensure that I don’t follow trends by mindlessly following the flock, but rather staying true to myself.

As it is the beginning of the new year, a number of wedding blogs are publishing articles predicting what the wedding trends will be this year. After reading a few them, I have compiled a few of my favorites to share with you:

For the Ladies: Pearls

One of my favorite accessories that you will often see me wearing are my pearl earrings. Pearls are just timeless and I am more than pleased to see them make a presence at weddings. Ladies, there are some stunning wedding dresses that incorporate pearls, as seen in Theia’s Spring 2018 Collection Dripping with Pearls.

For the Gentlemen: Navy Blue

Guys, you cannot go wrong with this color – it is classy and elegant. With the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding coming up, it seems more fitting to refer to it as Royal Blue – lol. In addition, take a look at an article by Rock My Wedding “Four Trends For Grooms We’re Loving Right Now” for a variety of attire options.

For the Venue: Hanging Wedding Florals

Flowers are one of the best ways to decorate a venue – and hanging them from the ceiling, lanterns or even chandeliers makes them that more eye-catching centerpieces. This is a great opportunity to make your imagination go a bit wild – allow your creativity to take charge. Take a look at some amazing creations on Pinterest!

Now it is your turn, let me know what you would love to see at a wedding this year!

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Jennifer M Outlaw

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these 2018 wedding trends. Seriously, they are all of my favorite things. Navy and pearls are just so classic and elegant to me and how can you not love stunning florals hanging from the ceiling. I am so excited about weddings in 2018.


I am so glad that you agree, Jennifer!

Melissa Hirsch

Hanging florals YES. I’m super excited for simple, elegant gowns this year – more sleek and less boho. Who am I kidding? I love boho, too.


Yes, we have seen a lot of boho – which is great! But it is always great to change it up.

Thanks heaps for sharing your views on future trends! I have heard about the hanging florals and it’s by far my favorite! I can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring you!


Absolutely! I am excited for the floral creations!

All the yes to pearls for the ladies! It’s such a classic wedding item, the trend never goes out of style.


True, because it never goes out of style, I guess we can’t categorize pearls as a trend. That makes me happy.

I am SO into hanging florals as well! I hope I get to see some this year. Thanks for sharing your fav trends!


I am also excited to see what types of flowers we will see.

Ohhh, yes, navy blue! Its my favorite for guys. Its so classy and timeless. AND yes, please to all the hanging florals. So dramatic and lovely.


Yes, Navy is the new black!


I am in love with all these trends too, 2018 is defiantly switching it up! A few of my faves are the OTT jewellery accessories for brides and subtle flowers in the hair!


Oh yea, flowers in the hair are always a good idea!

Abigail Beckerle

Two of my favorite things! Navy and Pearls! You can’t go wrong with any of these! 2018 is going to have some beautiful weddings this year.


Yes, I am so looking forward to it!

The hanging florals are my FAVE! I’m even doing them in my little girls bedroom, but I can’t wait to see them at weddings this year! Pearls are so classic and beautiful too… I love your list of favorite trends!


I appreciate it, Kaytlin!

Yes yes, ALWAYS the pearls for the ladies!! Sooo pretty ♡ And I can see the navy blue is definitely in for the gentle men


So glad that you agree!


I’m glad pearls are coming back in style for weddings. I think they’re timeless and elegant. And navy has always been a favorite neutral of mine, it pairs so well with everything!


Yes, I think that navy is a nice alternative to black.

Pearls are my favorite! My friend gifted me tiffany pearls last year so I’m excited to wear them now!


Wow! That is such a precious gift. What a lovely friend <3

Okay I hope these 2018 wedding trends stick! I absolutely love pearls (wore them for my wedding) and navy will never go out of style. Cheers to a beautiful 2018!


Yea, it will be interesting if these trends really do stick.


Love a classic wedding and pearls and navy are certainly classic! Love the idea of dressing up a venue with hanging flowers or lanterns too — that would be so cozy.


I am excited to see some creative centerpieces this year!

Sarah F

Ohhhh NAVY blue…. perfection! Being from Annapolis of course I swoon over Navy blue, but its so classic and stunning for a wedding.


Glad you like it too, Sarah!


I absolutely love the hanging floral and pearls trend. I’m going to be sending everyone to this post.


That is super nice of you!

I agree that trends can be tricky. I try to encourage wedding couples to be authentic and do the things they love so in the future they don’t feel like their wedding was hijacked by Pinterest. I am very glad that men have been moving to a great fitting navy suit – it can be worn for many years to come.


hahahah, I like that “hijacked by Pinterest” — how true! Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, but people need to proceed with caution.

Lynn Marie

Love these wedding trends! I wore pearls many years ago for my wedding and felt like they weren’t trendy. I guess I was just ahead of my time! Love a man in a navy blue suit too. Mmmmmm. Nice!


Yes, you were ahead of your time! Glad that you stayed true to yourself!