La Dolce Far Niente

We usually keep our minds so busy. Constantly feeding ourselves with information without letting it properly sink in and processing it. We fill gaps with noise, scrolling through social media, reading an article, listening to a podcast etc… (also guilty as charged!). It is all good, but in moderation. Whatever happened to quiet time? Time for silent reflection?

Did you know that our minds are more creative when at rest? I think it is time for us do ourselves a favour and to take sometime to pull back and cherish the moment. The Italians said it best: “La Dolce Far Niente” – the sweetness of doing nothing!

If you are feeling like you are in a slump, allow your mind to wander.
If you are feeling overwhelmed, seek quiet moments.
If you are feeling like life is just passing you by, stop and take time to reflect.

I personally have decided to take walks every now and then – without earphones clogging my ears or thoughts clogging my brain. Instead just feeling the wind blow through my hair and enjoying the sun glow on my face. Maybe this is exactly what you need to feel refreshed and to get those creative juices flowing?

Remember, as much as it is important to prepare for tomorrow, it is more important to live today.
Be present…

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This is so beautiful & exactly what I needed today! Thank you!


I am so glad, Poppy.


Great advice. Thanks so much for sharing.


My pleasure!

This is such a great reminder. I plan on doing some wandering tomorrow! I love the image attached to this blog post. Just beautiful!


I hope that you enjoy it fully.

Quiet time and reflection is so important to me. I need it to recharge for the day ahead.


Absolutely! It is way better to start the day feeling fresh!

Ooooh yes – I love this reminder, Aida. I am definitely guilty of constantly filling my mind with too much noise too. Unplugging and letting your mind rest does wonders!


Information is so great and powerful, but we need to make sure that we do not overwhelm ourselves.


Great advice!!! And that mountain/field shot is stunning!!


Thank you. The pic was taken in France.

I’ve been working extra hard on this lately. Thanks for the reminder to keep at it!


You are most welcome, Bre.

This is so true! I’ve been allowing myself more quiet moments this year and I am substantially happier and more productive than the previous year where I was in “go” mode all the time.

Sharee Davenport

This is so beautifully written – thank you for sharing!

Brittany Slaugter

This was such a wonderful read, a great reminder to slow down

Tiara Wilson

This is a absolutely beautiful read. Thank you for sharing!

Lynn Marie

Love this! A year ago, I started doing yoga and daily meditation. It has not only changed my body but also my mind. By really slowing down & doing less, I have gained so much more in my life.

Melissa Johnson

This is SUCH great advice!! Such a wonderful reminder, and I definitely need to do more of this!