Bridal Editorial: French Chic


On a cold winter morning I made may way to the Konzerthaus in Ravensburg to collaborate with a number of talents from the wedding industry. We were fortunate to land such a beautiful model and make up artist, Seada, who was able to bring our vision to life!

A very BIG thank you to every single one of the participants:
Concept, Planning and Design: Efi-Ihre Hochzeitsagentur
Decoration: Eventschmiede
Hair: Haar-Schopf
Cake: Zuckerschmiede

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Love love love the French inspiration of this session. That cake is amazing!


Thanks, Melissa. Yes, that is one unique cake!

Sarah F

I really love this. It looks like you really pushed yourself artistically, something about this images just draw me in, I want to see more from this shoot!


I appreciate it! It was a collaborative effort with all the vendors to make this shoot happen.

Wow what a gorgeous French chic themed inspirational shoot. These images capture the mood brilliantly!


Thank you! I simply love the colors…so warm and cosy!

Wow. Love these pictures. We are actually planning on using a similar color palette for our NYE party next week.


What a coincidence! I am sure that it is going to be beautiful as well!

This is incredible! The styling is amazing! I really hope that you find clients that would love to style like this! What an incredible day this would be!!


I am always happy to have clients that are creative and detail-oriented! Weddings are such a great opportunity to bring a vision to life.

This French inspiration is beautiful. We fell in serious like with Paris when we visited. The culture, the fashion, the food, the history. Their breakfasts are divine. Your photos are stunning!


I agree….the French do have style…the women have a certain elegance to them.

I love this one! Everything’s on point, her hair, makeup, her look and the location!!!


Thanks, Jan. She actually did her own makeup….she is stunning!

The old theater got me. As a theater geek, a could actually smell the wood in the imagery. French women and red lipstick = awesome. As an Irish girl, I can not get away with red lips.


hahaha Laura, I too can’t get away with red lipstick.

Melissa Johnson

Ok this whole shoot is gorgeous!! I love the black and gold details against the red of the venue!


Thanks, Melissa. I also like the color palette!