How to Achieve Your Dreams

What do you want to achieve? Does it feel out of reach? Do you feel that that sort of success is reserved for someone else – for the lucky ones or for the ones who were dealt a better hand to start with?

This is a LIE that so many of us believe – and I for one am doing my darn hardest to constantly resist this notion! This quote by Michelle Obama resonates with me on a deep level! Because the truth is, it is hard work that gets us to where we want to go. Sure some have lucky breaks along the way, but that isn’t gaurnteed. The choices we make (not to mention, not taking action is also a choice) affect the direction our lives take.

I am a firm believer of being proactive and living life with intention.

Sometimes achieving our hearts desires is a long, bumpy road with detours along the way. And that is why we need to be persistent and not expect a smooth ride. And although we should be focused on reaching the destination, we better also enjoy the process, because that is where and when life happens.

I for one am willing to do the hard work, make the best choices with the information at hand and persist when the going gets tough in order to achieve my wildest dreams. I hope that you are too!


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