Amplifying strengths

For many years, I spent a lot of energy trying to improve my weaknesses. I can promise you that my time would have been better spent honing in on and refining my strengths. The result: some of my abilities remained rather mediocre instead of being elevated to an exceptional level.

I must admit that it is not that easy to specifically pinpoint our own strengths/skills. Think of a classical interview situation where the employer asks you to name your strengths – isn’t it fair to say that you would most probably use general terms like: detail-oriented, punctual etc…? I find that such descriptions are not necessarily specific enough and a bit cliché.

This train-of-thought led me to take part in the Gallup Strengths Finder Test (CliftonStrengths) early last year – I must say that it was fully worth the $15 and 40 minutes that I invested in getting a detailed account of my five top strengths. Trust me, it is not one of the many fluffy quizes that usually flood the internet. Honestly, I can totally identify my personality traits in each of the strengths listed – equipping me with the confidence to give them the attention that they deserve. They provided me with a sort of framework for the way that I worked and managed projects in 2017. Just last week, I took the time to revisit my results and was once again convinced that it was the right decision to actively seek out my strengths and utilize them accordingly. And as for my weaknesses, whenever possible, I choose to delegate them to someone else whose strengths are in that area – it usually ends up being my husband, Tim.

One of my strengths is Input. This strength describes a person who is very inquisitive and loves to collect information. This couldn’t be more true – I love reading, listening to podcasts, engaging in stimulating conversations – in a sense, keeping my mind fresh and stimulated. I also found it quite helpful that CliftonStrengths provides suggestions as to how you can use the strengths to your advantage.

Surely there are other ways to find out your strengths without having to take a personality test. For instance, asking your closest friends and family for assistance in identifying your skill sets. My advice to you is to try to be more specific and accurate.

I personally make resolutions anytime during the year, but since it is January 1st, I urge you to perhaps add it to your new year’s resolution list to identify and focus on your strengths. Good luck!

If you are happy to share, please let me know one strength that you poses and how it helps you in your daily life or business…

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Really awesome article! I’ve learned over the past year how to apply my personality traits within my business and it’s helped SO much and I can honestly say I’m less stressed and overwhelmed.


I am so glad to hear that, Brittany! It is also more fun to do stuff that you are good at!

This is such an important reminder! It’s so easy to focus on weaknesses rather than strenghts— here is to improving what we do best in 2018!


I am totally with you, Sarah!

such a great message, i can very much identify! now i will have to spend some time really answering that question for myself…


It is worth the time and effort! All the best!

What a great reflection. This time of the year is a great moment to stop and put things in perspective. I hope that 2018 brings you strength and courage to follow what you are passionate about.


Thanks, Fran. I truly appreciate it! Wish you also all the best in 2018!

What a beautiful message you’re sharing. I often focus on my weakness too and I need to stop. That test seems like it’s really helpful, I need to invest in it! Sounds like it was worth it.


In general, it is healthier to stop focusing on what we are bad at…hope that you will be able to give your strengths more attention soon. Let me know how it goes!

Emily Moore

I love the idea of evaluating your weaknesses and strengths when it comes to your business. I will admit that I’ve never taken the time to do this — I just try to do it all at this point and it’s probably NOT a good thing. It makes so much sense to delegate tasks to others based on the results. I’m definitely looking into that test — thanks for sharing!


It is also very efficient to do it this way! Wish you all the best!

Sarah F

I think its great once someone is able to recognize what their strengths actually are and then channel them into something incredible.. be that self care, business, personal… things move so well after that!


Absolutely! And it is a great way to reduce stress!

Kudos for knowing yourself well. What makes us different is the best part of us.


I am still learning…it is all about self-awareness!

As much as dislike “new year resolutions”, I found yours very reflective and insightful. Thank you so much for sharing and cheers to an incredible 2018!


I appreciate it, Claudia!

Such a beautiful post! As humans, we are so quick to judge ourselves and focus on our weaknesses. Thank you for your positive encouragement to focus on our strengths instead! We could all use a little reminder once in a while. Your photography is so stunning as well! ♡


You are so sweet – thank you!

Finding where your strong points are is such a motivator! I just had to go do the test. It seems as though I too, focus on weaknesses alot. I need to stop. Thank you for posting this!


Cara, it is my pleasure!

Wow that sound super interesting, I’ve never heard of a strength test before! I can see it being so useful in relationships and work scenarios. Thanks for the great review!


I am really a fan of it!