Dream Big, but Wake Up and Make it a Reality

There is a dreamer in all of us.

The only difference is that some of us decide to pursue our dreams tenaciously while the rest of us shrug it off and continue taking the path laid out right in front of us. In which camp do you reside?

A couple of years ago, I decided to bid farewell to the comfort zone that I had grown so accustomed to living in and had actually worked long and hard to build. A Master’s Degree in one hand and a well-paying job in the other, life seemed to be pretty good – on paper! What I lacked was that spark and energy that made what I was doing exciting and fulfilling. I know that us “millennials” get a lot of heat for our constant need to feel like we are doing something worthwhile and satisfying. As biased as I may be, I say “what’s so wrong with that?”

Taking that leap of faith of quitting my day job to join my husband in pursuing photography is one of the best decisions that I ever made. But the truth is, within this dream of living a creative life (that pays the bills!) lies another dream. A dream of touching people’s lives in a profound way with my art. I know that sounds quite intangible, and it is! I haven’t figured it out yet, but I am taking the time to assess and contemplate what that might mean.

One book that has got me delibrately thinking about this topic is written by John C. Maxwell titled Put Your Dream to the Test. This is the book that we have been reading in my book club the past few weeks. When we met up last weekend to discuss it, I was amazed at how it touched my friends’ lives in such a meaningful way.

I loved this book, because it challenged me to intentionally sit down and analyze what I want to accomplish in this life. By the end of the book, I didn’t have everything figured out, but I certainly had a more concrete idea of what I want to do, and the motivation to figure out how I am going to get there.

Questions that especially struck a cord with me from the book:

>> Do I have a strategy to reach my dream?
>> Does working towards my dream bring me satisfaction?
>> Does my dream benefit others?

It’s not enough to just have a dream floating around in our heads without any action – we might as well call that wishful thinking. It is vital that when we set out to achieve something, that we do it with a high level of commitment and a well-thought-out strategy. And since most of our dreams may take years to come to fruition, it is also important that we enjoy doing what needs to be done along the way. What spoke to me the most was making sure that my dream benefits others. I don’t believe that we were put on this earth to simply serve ourselves, but to serve others.

My question to you is: are you ready to pitch your tent in the camp that not only dreamers reside, but are actively on the chase to see it come true?

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Don’t let anyone tell you older people don’t want to pursue careers that provide meaning, too. The people you are hearing that from probably have a dream, too, but have been hiding it for so long they have forgotten what it is. Loved your blog post and wish you all the best!


Chris, I couldn’t agree more! There isn’t an age-cap on dreams. The fact is, realizing dreams is not reserved for a select few, but is accessible to all of us:)

Very true… it is one thing to dream… another to DO. thank you for this great blog post! it is a wonderful reminder that the dream needs follow-through and the work should never end!


Follow-through! Yup, that is the key to achieving ones dreams!

Great post. True, there is a dreamer in all of us. The difference i see, and I’ll use your point from above is whether we have strategies to reach our dreams or not. If we just dream and do nothing to reach the dream – it’s pointless.. Love the point “are you ready to pitch your tent in the camp that not only dreamers reside, but are actively on the chase to see it come true?”..


And it is also important to be open to changing the strategy based on the situation;)

That is so exciting! Keep dreaming those big dreams and taking leaps of faith!


Thank you so much, Bekah!

Oh this is Gold. I was there for years. I was that “only dreamer”. I woke up one day and told myself that I actually want to see it come true. Since then, Photography has honestly been my dream job, and on so many levels. Thank you so much for sharing. So excited for this year for you. I cannot wait to read more of your blogs!


Thanks, Ashley! And I am so happy for you! I checked out your photography page – your images are just lovely!


Love this Aida! You’re heart-shared thoughts are beautiful & enriching!! Also, love being a part of book club with you!


Thank you so much!Yup, I am excited to start the next one!

Emily Moore

I can relate to your story so much!! I am intrigued by this book — I’m definitely going to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation!


Great blog post on dreams! The dreamer camp is well worth it! I can’t wait to read that book!

Dreaming is so important! Can’t wait to read that book!

Woohoo! That’s exactly what I did! Sometimes you just have to take the leap and trust you’ll figure it out.


Great post! Goal planning is huge to me. having a plan to get to your goal is so important


I couldn’t agree more that we need to all put in the effort of making our dreams a reality. If I didn’t make the hard decision of leaving school to pursue this business, I wouldn’t be where I am today. All of our dreams are different but they all deserve to become reality <3

Thank you for this! I needed it.


I love this post! I will definitely be checking out that book too!

Kerlyn Van Gelder

This is such a great post and so so true. Those questions say it all! I need to check out that book. It’s an amazing feeling to follow your dreams and put it to reality!


Such great ideas! Thank you for sharing!

Just put the book on my amazon list, I need something like that in my life. Going full time was the best decision I ever made as well, congratulations to following your dreams!


Such great thoughts. So inspiring, I will be thinking about your words!