The Creative Entrepreneurs Community

The Creative Entrepreneurs Community is a Facebook group that I created for small business owners to support one another through the entrepreurship journey.

It is a group of creatives supporting one another in the pursuit of their dreams by focusing on personal growth and navigating life as a small business owner.

There are plenty of Facebook groups that focus on helping eachother out in terms of dealing with clients and technical aspects of a craft and running a business (which is great!). Here, it is a space where we can share our knowledge and personal experiences about how to run a business, implement self-care routines, be more productive and organised, manage time more effectively and reignite that creative spark when necessary.

It is my belief that in order to have a sustainable business, we need to give these points the attention that they deserve.

How beautiful is it that we are in a position to make a living doing what we love.
Let us make sure that we are enjoying the process of running a business the way that we love the process of creating our art.


I would love for you to join us! Just click here!
What kinds of topics interest you at the moment?

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I can’t wait to check out your group! I am currently trying to learn as much as I can from SEO. I have found over the years that local groups of like minded creatives helps me to get motivated and it keeps my creative juices flowing.


I love that there is a group for this. We need each other more the we sometimes want to let on. Kuddos to you!!

I can honestly say, I’ve made it through most, if not all of my endeavours with the help of facebook groups made up of creatives. The kind of personal development topics that interest me is about time management and confidence. I can always use help in those areas 🙂

That sounds like a great FB group for entrepreneurs to be a part of! It definitely helps to surround yourself with motivated business owners in order to be the best business owner you be!

What a lovely way for creatives to gather and support each other! Great idea!


Yes! The Facebook groups are great for small businesses owners! I have been on a few Facebook groups that specialize in the same industry I am in. I find it very helpful for me to learn new things and how to address some challenges. I love it when other business owners rooting for each other for our successions too! It really helps keep me going. 🙂

You can’t have enough positive support in your community. I love the concept of this group!

I love that you setup a group for creatives! It’s can be so easy to burn out when you’re a creative so learning some self care is important!

I’m definitely going to check your group. There is never enough great ideas!