Chris & Ruth: Dream Client

The session with Chris & Ruth at the Rural Workshop was incredible! I already was fortunate enough to chat with them about their work when we met in Barcelona a couple of days before at the Beloved Stories Date. They were so open talking about their work and process, that I knew that I had made the right decision by registering to take part in their session.

Unlike the other sessions that took place indoors, Chris and Ruth had us meet outside, which was a nice and relaxed setting. After a round of introductions, they shared about how the key to their success was figuring out who their dream client is and taking proactive action to rebrand and showcase their portfolio accordingly.

Side Note: Jasmine Star has an amazing article that can help you define your dream client “How to Create Your Ideal Client Profile.

Once we have defined your dream client, Chris & Ruth advised us to do a number of styled shoots to build up our portfolio. The added benefit is that you are able to build relationships with vendors that are also wanting to attract similar clients.

The three important points they emphasized to pay attention to:

  1. The style of clothing
  2. The type of location
  3. The time of day = Light

Most of all, they stressed the fact that we should be straightforward in how we communicate our style, in order to make it easier for clients to find us.

Soon after, we headed to the beach to do a photo shoot with a lovely couple. Chris & Ruth demonstrated how they work with a couple, and then we had a chance to take some pictures in groups. There were so many of us, that it was at times tricky to “not step on each others toes”. Nevertheless, I am happy with the results – you can check out some more images here!

Have you taken them time to think about who your dream client is?

What kind of clients do you love to work with?

Let me know in the comments…

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Jennifer Mills Blume

Thinking about my ideal client was definitely one of the most important things I did early in starting my business! And the movement you captured in her hair and in her dress is incredible! It sounds like this was an incredible day!


Jennifer, it is so great that you were able to define your ideal client so early on. That way, you were able to be on the right direction from the start.

Wow, looks like you had an incredible experience with this workshop! Determining & attracting your dream clients is so important. I love to work with laid back, easy going, stylish couples, who love to have their photos taken, and are willing to do anything for the shot!


Hey Teri, I too am a fan of couples who are willing to go the extra mile for an awesome shot! It is fun to go on an adventure with couples – for example, in the mountains!

Melissa Hirsch

Beautiful photos, Aida. And just love all these questions you posed. (Get it?? Posed?!) Definitely will give me something to think about today.


haha…no pun intended. Thanks!

I love Chris and Ruth’s work! And yes I totally agree that styled shoots are an awesome way to build up a body of work that reflects your style and the type of things you want to shoot. What a beautiful location to work at!


Yes, their work is beautiful and they are such nice people. I learned a lot talking to them.

I loved reading about your experience! Styled shoots can be so great to hone your style. And they have so many added bonuses such as vendor relations as you mentioned!


Absolutely! I have found it to be very beneficial.

Joshua Jones

Great photos. Since I am an interior designer not a professional photographer like you – my ideal clients would be the type of people that have busy lives that need help with a professional interior designer to help them to update their homes or motivated to do home projects that happen to need guidance from a professional interior designer to get in the right direction to avoid any costly mistakes.


Wow cool! I love interior design.


Wow, that sounds like such an amazing workshop! It looks like you learned a lot and got some amazing images for your portfolio!


Yes, I am so glad that I got to be part of it!

This is a gorgeous styled shoot workshop. Beautiful location, images are beautiful. Looks like you learned a lot from this amazing workshop.


Yes, it was a great locations filled with amazing people! I would do it again in a heartbeat.