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In the process of selecting the sessions that I wanted to attend at The CreFest, (previously known as The Rural Workshop), I wanted to ensure that I receive input not only from those specialized in the wedding industry, but also from those proficient in other types of photography. In all honesty, I had never heard of Bee & Rog Walker before this workshop – it didn’t matter, because their work intrigued me. And I loved the fact that they mainly use film and not digital cameras to produce their images.

In the session, they focused on the importance of doing personal work. Not only does it keep us inspired and fulfilled, but it can eventually lead to paid jobs doing exactly what we love. Early on, next to doing paid work, they made time to explore New York City and photograph people that they found interesting and consistently shared the images online. Slowly but surely, they were able to build a following online which led them to be noticed by brands that loved their aesthetic and were eager to have them photograph upcoming campaigns.

They are currently directing Paper Monday, which they described to me as the modern version of the Sunday Paper. On the main page of the website, they write:

Paper Monday is an ongoing visual project. Through PM we use portraiture and visual storytelling to explore identity and produce an expansive collection of authentic stories.

They have found an innovative way to present their work. I absolutely love it!

Often in the beginning, the focus of most creative entrepreneurs is to acquire clients and make a living. For the most of us, once the business is running, we start yearning to do more of what inspires us and break out of the mold that we got ourselves into by serving all types of clients. This transition is never easy and does not happen overnight. I believe that it really is important to pursue personal projects on the side (even if we feel that we don’t have the time) for the sake of our current creative sanity and for the sake of our future creative work.

Bee & Rog Walker demonstrate that it is possible to monetize your personal work and live a life on your own terms. I am so thankful for their openness in sharing their experiences (the good and the bad) with us. I am excited to follow along on their journey…

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