Hi there, I am Aida!

Photographer & Content Creator

I provide photographers with the inspiration, tools and resources needed to build a brand and business.

I am so glad that you are taking the time to find out more about me. I am delighted to share a little bit about myself with you, both the serious side and the unavoidable quirkiness! This girl comes to you from a land so hospitable and welcoming that anyone would feel at home, Ethiopia. I have now found my new home with my husband, Tim, and our little boy, Joshua, in the small German city of Constance, right by the lake and a stone’s throw away from the breathtaking Swiss Alps.

As a photographer, my aim is to keep an eye out for beauty in the form of either an authentic moment conveying raw emotions or even a speck of light streaming in at an interesting angle. I simply love focusing on details that may fleet away at a second’s notice – capturing it to be viewed with pure nostalgia in years to come. My goal is never to document perfection, but rather to represent reality through my lens and unique perspective.

When I am not taking pictures or editing them, most days you would find me dreaming up my next project or executing it – that is, if I am not distracted by my little boy smiling at me from the corner of the room tempting me to go over and play with him. I must say that I enjoy the flexibility that self-employment provides me with – not to mention, the creative freedom that fills me with excitement to wake up in the morning and start the day full of zest and enthusiasm.

Within my circle of friends and family, I am mostly known for hating to cook, but loving to eat. Unfortunately not the best combination, therefore, quick and easy recipes are always welcome! Although I may not bring much talent in the kitchen, I make up for it by filling our home with beautiful paintings, images, fluffy pillows and flowers to create a cozy atmosphere.

Still eager to know more?

My idea of a vacation derails away from city trips and gravitates more to nature-oriented adventures. One of my favorite road trips was travelling from the north to the south of Chile. I particularly feel at rest and peace on our annual trip to Corsica, France – I truly enjoy the tranquility of this Mediterranean island.

Here are four things that you may not know about me:

1. I am obsessed with pretty notebooks and am constantly scribbling down my thoughts and ideas. I value the connection between pen to paper over keyboard to screen.

2. Passenger is one of my favorite singer-songwriters and constantly on replay (sorry Ed Sheeran). Also love Mighty Oaks – they make amazing music!

3. I love podcasts! I am literally obsessed! Where have they been my whole life? I am often listening to The Goal Digger Podcast, The Marie Forleo Podcast and Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu.

4. In addition to English, I also speak Amharic (Ethiopia) and specifically for my German readers – Ich spreche Deutsch (for my Swiss friends, Ik versta schwyzerd├╝tch). Next on the list: French!

Pic of Tim & I by Marianne Bohn