2018 in Review, 2019 in View

What a year it has been. Phew! I pushed myself to try out new things and take on some new challenges. That made my year interesting, but also left me feeling a bit exhausted. Truth is, I wouldn’t change it, because I am glad that I allowed my ideas to spread their wings and fly instead of imprisoning them in my imagination. Nevertheless, I did learn some valuable lessons about how I should better manage my time and take care of myself in the future.

In January, we travelled to Madeira, Portugal with friends of ours, Leonie and Daniel. We explored every edge of the island and did photo shoots in the gushing wind and pouring rain. Our little boy, Joshua was with us the whole time. At times he enjoyed sitting at the beach playing with the pebbles, and on other occasions he was not such a fan of being held in the baby carrier as mom and dad snapped away – oh, the plight of having photographers as parents. This trip was particularly special to me, because Daniel planned a surprise proposal and we had the honor of capturing this moment (yet another tick off my bucket list! Yes!). Needless to say that Tim and I got to photograph their wedding in October – so emotional!

March rolled around and I was off to Spain to attend the Rural Workshop. What an eye-opening experience! Yes, I knew that there are talented photographers out there. But this was on another level. Not only was I mesmerized by the images that I saw, but I was captivated by the deep conversations I had and inspired by the sheer amount of creativity present. Spending four days at a camp with over 200 talented photographers made such a deep impact on me that I will hold dear for years to come.

In April, we drove to our favorite French island, Corsica. Friends of ours, Jenny and Alessio, joined us there for a few days. They were our lovely models for promoting our photography workshop in October. We enjoyed location scouting and dreaming about how it would be to be joined by a group of photographers in this special place. It was our first time organizing a workshop and there was a level of uncertainty involved, but we pushed through our doubts and went for it! So grateful!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr. P.S. I Love You

In May we hosted our first Beloved Stories Date in Zürich. Yes, we live in Constance, but Zürich is just an hour away and we wanted to connect with Swiss photographers. Funny enough the majority of the photographers that showed up were Germans with only one Swiss from Bern. It was a grey, cold day, but we made the best of it. We chatted over coffee at one of my favorite spots in Niederdorf, Cafe Henrici, before heading out for a little photo shoot.

Soon after, the high season was well underway and we were documenting one or two weddings every weekend. We learned from our past experience that we need a break every few weeks, so we planned in little trips in between. In June, we took a trip to the UK. We started off in the north of England and drove up into Scotland. Oh how I enjoyed the Scottish people – they were so nice and always said “a wee bit”. And I remember eating a whole lot of carrot cake – my new obsession! We visited friends who recently moved there and spent time playing with the kids. We were there during the heat wave so it was really hot with bright blue skies everyday. I recall people on the radio being super excited as if Christmas came early and being very giddy about spending time outside. We made our way back to England and stayed for a few days close to Sheffield with friends. Oh what a relaxing few days we had before going back into the next wave of weddings.

The next three months were about work, work, work (Rihanna anyone? Actually, I am not much of a fan.). Tim and I aim to deliver the galleries to our clients as soon as possible which meant that we barely had a day off in three months. In August, Joshua’s daycare was closed for summer holidays so we had to take care of him 24/7 while working crazy hours. Now that was a challenge – I felt like I was living the true life of a #mompreneur! Not to mention our photography workshop in October was drawing near and we needed to make all the necessary arrangements. Which included calling the manager of the villa and trying to sort out the check-in time in my very limited French – when will I finally take the time to properly learn this language?!? (By the way, French comedies are hilarious – get in touch if you want any recommendations!).

At the end of September, we photographed a 13-hour wedding in Luzern, slept for about five hours, and caught a flight from Basel to Corsica. We were exhausted and pumped at the same time! Our 3-day workshop that we had been planning for months was finally happening! More about the workshop in a future blog post, but for now you can check out images of our models, Marianne and Benny.

We had weddings into November – it was a pretty long season. Right after, we caught a flight to Ethiopia to visit my family. Tim and Joshua stayed for a few days, while I was there for almost three weeks. I will write a blog post in 2019 about what I was up to during my time there!

Now, I am sitting at home on New Years Eve reminiscing on the past year and looking forward to the upcoming year.

What I want more of:

  • Exciting adventures and photo shoots in exotic locations.
  • Connecting and building friendships with creative, passionate, kind and loving people.
  • Learning more about marketing, business and further developing my photography skills.

What I  want less of:

  • Spending too much time behind my desk.
  • Working without a break during the wedding season.
  • Taking on too many little projects – focusing my energy on just a few things.

Cheers to the new year! Let me know the one thing you are wanting to do more of in 2019…