Photography This is a platform for me to share a selection of my photography work, journal about my process, and share travel photos and whatever else is on my heart. On this blog, my focus is on intimate weddings and portrait photography. Moreover, brides and grooms are able to find some useful tips and view my extended wedding portfolio here. I love to photograph weddings with my husband, Tim. We also offer wedding videos! I truly hope that you enjoy the content on this blog and feel free to reach out with your comments.
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Creative Entrepreneurship The business aspect of self-employment is fascinating to me. I love the process of branding and marketing! Running a successful business also requires planning and strategies. These are topics that I enjoy exploring and sharing with fellow creatives. My motto is “design the life you want to live”. For more support, join my free Facebook group “The Creative Entrepreneurs Community” to connect with other creatives, offer help and ask questions.
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design the life you want to live

I believe that life doesn’t just happen to us, but that we have a lot of influence over our situation.
If you are miserable at your 9-5 job, take action now to make sure you are not stuck there.
In this digital age, we have an unbelievable opportunity to make a living based on our own talents.
It is not easy, it takes a lot of work – BUT it is so worth it!